Dold design = makt is an informative brochure adressing the topic of ‘excluding’ or ‘hostile’ design. It is a method used in city planning all over the world, with the aim of controlling how citizens move around public places. Subtle design choices can have a profound effect, like uncomfortable benches stopping people from lingering for too long, or benches designed to be impossible to sleep on.
The brochure is – in itself – excluding, because you have to use a smartphone in order to see all the written text. This is made possible through AR (Augmented Reality) markers that are printed in the brochure.
    In order to show how many variations of excluding design there are, I have researched park benches all over the world and illustrated them. The brochure was riso printed in two colours.

The website does work, but it isn’t located in the same domain anymore. If you want to give it a try on one of the pictures above, go to or take a look at the screen recording below.