It is an uncomfortable feeling, not being able to get through to another person. Now that a great deal of our communication takes place digitally, via text messages, misunderstandings are often caused by misinterpreted emojis or ambiguous wordings.
This is a short, experimental dance film about two individuals having trouble communicating and connecting with each other. Through dance and graphics, their conversation is visualised.

Duration: 6 min 9 sec. 

Created in 2019 for my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication at Beckmans College of Design.

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Written & Directed by: Susanna Lycke
Director of Photography: Malin Gutke
Dancers & Choreography by: Filippa Fahlin, Olivia Löfvander Stribeck
Hair Stylist: Sofia Geideby
Make-up Artist: Josephine Golan
Gaffer: Fredrik Nordesjö
Production Assistant: Izabel Lind Färnstrand
Original Soundtrack by: Tanya Byrne
Colorist: Sabina Törnberg
Editing: Susanna Lycke
Art Direction & Animation: Susanna Lycke
Producer: Susanna Lycke
Project Mentors: Jonas Johansson, Linda Shamma, Samira Bouabana
Special Thanks to: Ljud & Bildmedia, Aparto AB, Vigårda, MediaMonks, XO MGMT, Nightline, Sepidar Hosseini, Johanna Frohm, Emelie Jörgensen, Linda Berg and everyone involved in the making of this film.